University of Texas at Arlington offers both an on-campus and 100% online RN to BSN degree option.

The online program is offered through a service called Academic Partnerships which according to their website assists “leading universities around the world in the development and marketing of their online degree programs.”  However, all tuition and fees are paid directly to the University of Texas Arlington.

The Online RN to BSN Program at UTA Online

Although we have comprehensively reviewed the program, should you end up talking with the University of Texas Arlington, you should be sure to ask them all of the questions you have. You are responsible for double checking the facts of any program or school you speak with prior to enrolling.

Below we will show some of the highlights of the RN to BSN program. Use the quick links below to jump to a section.

Cost of the RN to BSN Program

The cost of the UTA Online RN to BSN program is $8,995 for tuition only, according to their website.  After a review of the RN to BSN program, the true cost of tuition is most likely higher, as they have fairly strict general education requirements including a Texas government class that is required.  Each extra course that you will have to take is $168 per credit.  Unfortunately, the only way to know which additional courses you specifically will need to take requires sending them your current transcript.

Other fees include a $50 application fee and of course, books. Be sure to speak with the UTA Online nursing or admissions department to understand all of the costs that are associated with the program.

How Long Is the UTA Online RN to BSN?

Time to Completion is 9+ months according to website, but courses do not need to be taken consecutively.  You can take time off as needed.  Most courses are 5 weeks or 10 weeks long, but some are 7 and some are 12.  Make sure and check for each specific course.

CCNE Accredited

The University of Texas Arlington Online RN to BSN is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), a highly regarded accrediting body for any nursing school.

RN to BSN Courses to Expect for UTA

As mentioned, there are 35 total credit hours required for the online RN to BSN program at UTA. Subsequently there are a number of courses you can expect to take. Some courses from previous college experience may be transferable, but you need to talk with UTA admissions to understand which. UTA organizes their class structure into groups of courses: General Courses, General Literature Courses, Nursing Courses, and Electives. Below are some of the general, nursing, and electives courses you can expect to take, but you can review their full program list on their website or with a UTA admissions representative to get a better idea of what courses to expect.

When Can You Enroll in the UTA Online RN to BSN?

Different classes have different start dates throughout the year.  You can apply any time and get started with whichever upcoming classes they are offering.

Are There Clinical Requirements?

During the Nursing Leadership & Management course “an application-based practice experience is required and can be completed in the community.”  This means that you can complete the requirement at a location of your choice once it is approved.  This includes your current place of employment.  However, the requirement cannot be satisfied during paid work time.

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