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How Big is Chicago Compared to New York

How Big is Chicago Compared to New York

Trying to choose between New York City and Chicago? These amazing cities have a lot in common.
They’re both major metropolises with superlative-notch civilisation, food, attractions, and amusement. They’re both major transportation hubs with skilful public transit, walkability, and iconic pizza. Of course, in that location’south a lot that sets each apart too. One offers more affordable living and excitement on Lake Michigan while the other is a sprawling city that feels similar many cities and countries combined. Are you trying to determine between moving to Chicago or New York? Hither’s a Complete guide to the pluses and drawbacks of living in the Windy Urban center vs the Large Apple tree.

Pros & Cons of Living in Chicago vs New York Urban center

Set to encounter the superlative benefits and drawbacks of Chicago vs. New York? Here are our top pros & cons of each city.

Living in Chicago Pros

Walking to Lake Michigan from downtown Chicago is a big perk!

Yeah, New York has beaches like Brooklyn’s Coney Island,
but their 14 miles of beaches don’t hold a candle to Lake Michigan
. When you look at Chicago in comparison with New York, you lot’ll find Chicago’due south Lake Michigan is a perk you tin’t ignore. Dissimilar New York City’s chronically packed beaches that are difficult to reach, Lake Michigan is within walking distance of downtown Chicago.

Lake Michigan beaches forth downtown Chicago avowal beautiful scenery with swimming, paddle boarding, jet skiing, boating, and more.
Chicago has 26 miles of lakefront
with an eighteen-mile Lakefront Trail, over two dozen public beaches, and tons of waterfront parks. Locals dear North Artery Beach almost the Lincoln Park Zoo while Oak Street Beach is prepare forth a backdrop of skyrises with volleyball courts.

Chicago has an astonishing (and affordable!) food scene

New York and Chicago are both famous for their cuisine and, of course, their pizza. Simply deep dish Chicago-style pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs aren’t all you’ll savor! Ane of the highlights of living in Chicago is its diverse cuisine and affordability.
Chicago has been voted the best food metropolis in America
by Bon Appétit with everything from new takes on American classics to glory chefs, inexpensive and delicious street fare, gastropubs, and international cuisine.

New York definitely has a lot to offer for cuisine, too, as a melting pot of hundreds of cultures and nationalities.
The trade-off is New York City’s food scene is harder to admission
with heaven-high prices, long waits, crowds, and big expectations.

Living in Chicago comes with a peachy work/life rest

The sheer size of New York, its competitive chore marketplace, and the constant sense that yous’re e’er rushing and always late can be dominating. When you compare Chicago vs New York City, you’ll detect a big plus of living in Chicago is it lets y’all relish a better work/life balance.

In Chicago, you’ll have a shorter commute, less traffic, and less dependency on public transportation
with a corking system of roads and highways. You tin can enjoy life in the suburbs and nevertheless commute downtown with time after work to hit the lake, meet up with friends, or just relax.

Chicago has fantastic amenities & attractions!

Chicago may be smaller than New York Urban center, but it’s still habitation to endless cultural attractions, astonishing parks, and other civilities. Chicago is abode to elevation attractions similar Willis Tower, Shedd Aquarium, and the Lincoln Park Zoo plus heady waterfront activities like the Chicago Riverwalk, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park, and beaches. Chicago boasts some of the country’s near renowned museums like Field Museum and the Chicago Children’s Museum.

Ane of the top positives of living in Chicago is you’ll never run out of fun things to do!
Enjoy the same level of culture, attractions, and entertainment as New York City with a far lower cost of living and easier accessibility.

Living in Chicago Cons

The weather condition in Chicago can be brutal

Sure, you don’t take to worry nigh hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes in Chicago, but the conditions is still a major downside of living in Chicago. Winters can be long and brutal with massive snowstorms that shut down the metropolis and freezing cold temperatures. Summers can be extremely hot with oppressive heat. You’ll sometimes feel like you don’t even remember what mild and pleasant weather is with spring and fall barely worth mentioning.

Living in New York Urban center Pros

New York has amazing diversity and culture

Practice you lot appreciate variety and meeting people from all types of backgrounds, nations, and cultures? You’ll dear this advantage of New York City compared to Chicago.
New York truly feels similar a melting pot with over 800 languages spoken in the city every day. You’ll experience cuisines, cultures, and people from all walks of life. There are tons of indigenous enclaves from the well-known Little Italia and Chinatown to Niggling Poland in Brooklyn plus Footling Guyana and Niggling Colombia in Queens.

New York never sleeps with something to exercise 24/vii

Frank Sinatra called New York the Metropolis That Never Sleeps and information technology’s definitely still true.
The New York subway is one of the earth’s only 24-hour public transit systems. Nigh anything is attainable at any hour of the 24-hour interval or dark from bars and nightclubs to restaurants, shopping, film theaters, and even pharmacies.

The hustle and bustle at all hours isn’t all; at that place’s always SOMETHING fun and interesting just around the corner.
From neighborhood cake parties, festivals, and cultural events to museums, parks, and attractions, you lot’ll never be bored.

The drawback to living in New York, of course, is it can exist besides much. Sometimes yous’ll experience like in that location’s simply too many people, too much happening, and an overwhelming number of options.

Living in Brooklyn, for instance, you can be bogged down by the attractions correct in your borough. Y’all can spend the twenty-four hours at the New York Aquarium or the Brooklyn Museum. Peradventure yous want to be outdoors enjoying a free outdoor concert at Prospect Park or enjoying metropolis views from the Brooklyn Span Park.
The Great Dumbo Drop every yr is a top autumn upshot while the Smorgasburg outdoor food event runs from April through November. Terminate in at the Brooklyn Cat Café to spend time with friendly kitties or get some thrills at Luna Park or Coney Island.

Living in New York Metropolis Cons

The high cost of living in New York City can’t be overstated

When yous compare Chicago vs. New York, one of the biggest factors you’ll probably stop upwards weighing is the cost of living. We’ll go into the cost of living of each city in greater detail beneath, but New York’south high living costs are worth highlighting.
New York is the nigh expensive city in the U.Due south.
beating out even Honolulu, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. You’ll pay a huge premium to live here and get piffling actual living space.
The average New York Urban center studio flat is just 550 square feet
and one-bedrooms are 750 square anxiety on boilerplate!

Chicago definitely comes out ahead with its own nightlife, attractions, and great urban center living at a far lower cost.

Getting around New York can be time-consuming and difficult

Certain, New York Urban center has i of the best public transportation systems in the United states. That doesn’t hateful getting effectually is fast, easy, or inexpensive.
The sheer size of New York ways that if someone lives in a unlike borough, y’all’ll just never see them. You lot’ll spend most of your fourth dimension in one area because getting from Brooklyn to Queens, for example, is no easy feat. The plus side of living in New York, however, is it’south piece of cake to live car-costless.

The Cost of Living in Chicago vs New York City

The Chicago vs NYC cost of living is probably a top business organization. One of the strengths of living in Chicago? Yous’ll enjoy exciting urban living without the high cost.
The Chicago price of living is near twoscore-50% lower than the cost of living in New York!

Well-nigh everything is cheaper in Chicago compared to New York:

  • Rent prices are 58% cheaper in Chicago vs New York ($three,374 boilerplate rent in New York vs $one,862 average rent in Chicago)
  • Groceries are 39% more expensive in New York versus Chicago
  • Utilities are eleven% lower in Chicago versus New York ($130 average utilities in Chicago vs New York average utilities of $145)
  • Home prices are 76% lower in Chicago versus NYC ($345,000 average abode price in Chicago vs $765,000 in New York)

Despite having a dramatically college cost of living,
the average bacon in New York is but 9% higher than Chicago!
The average salary in Chicago is $72,000 versus $79,000 in New York according to Payscale.

Additional Things to Consider Betwixt Chicago vs New York City


Practise yous desire to alive somewhere with something to come across and exercise literally around every corner, throngs of people, and the buzz of a city that never sleeps? Or practise you prefer more space and serenity without giving upwards the heady city atmosphere? That’south a big question to ask every bit you compare Chicago vs NYC.

Chicago and New York City are both major urban areas, of course, merely
few places actually compare to the sheer size and population density of New York. The urban areas of New York City feel nearly 5x larger than Chicago with tighter streets, huge skyrises, and a dense population of people and cars at all hours.

Chicago has a population of 2.7 million over 234 square miles and a metro Chicagoland population of 9.5 1000000. The population density is 11,847 people per square mile.

By comparison, New York Urban center has a population of eight.two million over 469 square miles and a metro population of 19.9 million. The population density is 27,755 people per square mile!

Crime Rate in Chicago vs New York City

Which city is safer, Chicago or New York City? You may be surprised to learn New York Urban center is safer than Chicago by a adequately large margin.
One of the big drawbacks of living in Chicago is the high crime rate. Chicago is frequently ranked as one of America’s most dangerous cities and recently had more homicides than Los Angeles and NYC combined.

The Chicago violent crime rate is 943 fierce crimes per 100k people versus 571 violent crimes/100k people in New York Urban center. Even so, neither city is exactly ranked well in terms of prophylactic.

Don’t let the Chicago offense rate fool you lot, though. There are tons of safe places to alive in Chicago! Here’s a guide to the safest neighborhoods in Chicago to explore.

Chicago vs New York City Climate

As yous consider moving to Chicago or New York, don’t overlook the climate. If you settle on Chicago, be prepared for the sometimes harsh Chicago climate!
It’s a common misconception that New York City is as cold every bit Chicago. Actually, one of the benefits of living in NYC is its winters are actually pretty mild and usually 10 degrees warmer than Chicago!
Year-circular, New York City has more mild weather than Chicago, especially in the summer and winter.

Sports in Chicago vs New York City

Big sports fan? When you lot compare and contrast Chicago versus New York, you’ll definitely notice a lot more to honey about living in the Windy Metropolis!
Chicago consistently ranks equally ane of the best sports cities in America
with five major sports franchises and 18 championships.

You’ll root for the Chicago Bears, the Blackhawks with their 6 Stanley Cups, the Chicago Bulls (ix NBA championships), and the Chicago Burn FC.
Chicago is a tiptop city for baseball with two MLB teams: the Chicago White Sox and the Cubs, each with iii Earth Serial under their belts!

I of the perks of living in Chicago is enjoying sports year-round at the famous Wrigley Field, domicile to the Cubs for over a century, plus other top venues.
While sports play a bigger role in the Chicago culture, NYC still has enough to offer. They take 10 major sports franchises including the New York Yankees, the Jets, the Knicks, and the Giants.

Chicago vs New York City: Where Are You Moving?

With each city offer and then much, the decision between living in New York City versus Chicago isn’t an easy ane. Considering both cities offer such a compensation of food, culture, attractions, walkability, and entertainment, your decision may come down to just a few factors. Do you want a more laid-dorsum lifestyle with more living space and a lower cost of life? Or do you adopt to pay more for less space and a much larger, more densely populated city that never sleeps?

If yous’ve settled on moving to Chicago, Federal Companies is here to help. Give our Chicago movers a telephone call for a gratuitous moving approximate and so nosotros can help you settle in and enjoy everything The Windy City has to offer!

How Big is Chicago Compared to New York

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