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Where to Stay in Zurich Switzerland

Where to Stay in Zurich Switzerland

Where to stay in Zurich

If you’ve decided to take a trip to Switzerland, visiting Zurich should be a must on your list. Yous may too be wondering
where to stay in Zurich
, and what your options for accommodation are.

is 1 country that, without neglect, ranks highly on many “best-of” travel lists. Why? Just scissure open a travel book or do a quick Google search and you’ll exist amazed by the beauty and splendor that this pocket-sized nation has to offer.

With the idyllic,
thou Alps standing in the background, Switzerland is your quintessential European country. From its small,
medieval-style towns, expansive blue lakes,
light-green fields and incredible food and drink, there’s something for everyone to love.

Switzerland is likewise a country for
, backpackers and thrill-seekers who want to take in breath-taking views.

Information technology’s no surprise that thousands of tourists flock to Switzerland’due south charming, cozy cities every year to become a sense of taste of unique European living. And, Zurich is one such city.
Zurich, located in northward-central Switzerland, is Switzerland’s largest city, sitting at the northwestern-tip of Lake Zurich.

Zurich is a hub of
cosmopolitan activity, with fine art galleries, museums and fun activities
galore to discover. Its traditions of fine chocolates, cheeses and arts and crafts lookout-making have endured for thousands of years.

It’s no wonder that, in 2019, Zurich was ranked among the elevation ten most livable cities by Mercer. The urban center has an extremely
high “quality of life”
rating and more and more than people are flocking to live there every twelvemonth. Zurich is also fairly close to other major Swiss cities, similar Bern, so traveling between places isn’t difficult.

Where to stay in Zurich: Best Areas & Neighborhoods

It should be noted early that
Switzerland is not a cheap place to visit
, and Zurich is no exception. Zurich’s price of basic living expenses are college than many other European cities and these costs are incurred past tourists also.

You should expect a stay in Zurich to take a hit on your bank account, but there are great, small ways to mitigate costs equally you explore this incredible city. Cheque out our guide on the
top seven best areas to stay in Zurich.

1. City Eye, all-time area to stay in Zurich

Zurich City Centre

Zurich’s City Centre is at the eye of the urban center itself and is an incredibly
lively and atmospheric surface area.

Standing proudly on both sides of the Limmat River, City Centre is a mere
6 miles from Zurich Aerodrome
. So if you’re fresh off a aeroplane and set to take in the sights, finding accommodation here is a great bet.

Filled to the skirt with rich, historic compages,
quaint coffee shops and superb shopping, City Centre offers tourists a lot of options for fun. And, as the
financial middle of Switzerland, Zurich also has a hustling professional scene.

At that place’due south no telling what y’all may find while strolling along the
historic streets and cobblestoned pathways.

Get-go off your day by touring Zurich’s Old Town, or as the Swiss telephone call it,
Altstadt. The master promenade is chosen
and here you’ll notice pedestrians popping in and out of shops off the narrow alleyways.

If you’re visiting during the summer, yous may even catch an outdoor market place with fresh produce and local products.
At dark, the scene bustles with
confined and street performers.

For a bit more civilization, check out the
Fraumünster, a 9th century church building

with cute stained-glass windows and i of Zurich’s most famous landmarks.
is another world-renown
church completed in 1230
and an ode to Swiss history.

For those with a sweet tooth, taking a visit to the famous
Lindt chocolate manufactory

is an incredible, sensory feel. Yous can book a tour with an included
chocolate tasting, or just browse rows and rows of gooey, delectable candies.

To terminate your solar day,
take a river prowl

and see Sometime Boondocks up-close as y’all make your mode down to lake Zurich. With twinkling stars above and stunning views on either side, you’ll run across why City Eye is so beloved by its residents.

If yous’re looking for a identify to stay in Zurich,
Urban center Centre is a nifty option. The area is
extremely safety
while still having an
eclectic nightlife
scene slap-up for partying adults.

The toll of accommodationorth, however,
is fairly steep, even for hostels and budget hotels. For a
“cheap” hotel,
you lot may be spending anywhere between
lxxx-120€ a night in low season.

If you lot’re looking for a more inexpensive selection, you lot’ll be improve off looking for options exterior of Urban center Centre.


  • ($$$)
    Baur au Lac
  • ($$)
    Sorell Hotel St. Peter
  • ($)
    Oldtown Hostel Otter

2. Enge (District ii), where to stay in Zurich for families

Enge, Zurich

A nature-lovers dream, leafy and lush Enge is
popular with the active oversupply.
On whatever given day, you lot’ll take hold of swimmers and sunbathers playing in the water near Lake Zurich or strolling along the waterfront promenade taking in the sights.

If you’re in need of

or merely a twenty-four hour period away from the hustle and bustle of Zurich’s City Center, Enge is your place.

If you’re a fan of history, Enge is abode to several long-standing mansions, many that nonetheless have their gardens and parks attached.

is one such place. Equally the largest landscaped park in all of Zurich, Rieterpark sits stately on a hilltop, giving stunning views of Lake Zurich and the far-away Glarner Alps.

As you stroll, you’ll see looming beech trees, a fountain and y’all may fifty-fifty run into
Villa Schönberg, a regal home incorporated past the
Rietberg Museum.

Belvoirpark, Zurich’due south first landscaped gardens, is some other nifty place to take in some fresh air and natural sights.

But, there may be no more a popular spot in Enge than
Seebad Enge,
a two-function outdoor bath with an fastened bar and wood decking.

Yous tin book time in the sauna, get some light bites to eat and fifty-fifty have a dip in Lake Zurich with Seebad’s waterfront admission, all while experiencing panoramic views.

If you relish
shopping and dining,
Enge has some spectacular spots that accept become even more pop in recent years.

Enge is
great for small-scale kids
who similar to run effectually and for adults who appreciate the stunning views.

Enge is an
extremely safe area
and you’ll near likely be around other tourists visiting equally well. There are also corking options for
nightlife and entertainment.

Accommodation may be
slightly less expensive

than in Zurich’s immediate City Centre, but you should however wait to spend effectually
80€ a night, fifty-fifty at a
3-star hotel.


  • ($$$)
    Park Hyatt Zurich – City Eye Luxury
  • ($$)
    B2 Boutique Hotel Zürich
  • ($) Motel I Zürich

3. Langstrasse (District iv), best identify to stay in Zurich for nightlife

Where to stay in Zurich: Langstrasse

Langstrasse wasn’t e’er the lively, creative oasis it is today. Historically,
Langstrasse was the crimson-calorie-free district

of Kries (District 4), and information technology wasn’t common to see the average tourist at that place later nighttime.

Now, the area oozes with fun,
entertainment and heart-pounding thrill at the many forms of nightlife to explore. From

hosting globe-renown DJs to
upscale cocktail lounges
to rough-and-tumble sports pubs, there’s a petty something for every adult looking for a fun time.

Though its called
the “commune that never sleeps,”

Langstrasse isn’t all drinking and partying. Nestled between the upscale Bahnhofstrasse and the cobbled streets of Altstadt, Langstrasse is a rare gem to explore.

As the epicenter of cultural revolution, Langstrasse has also seen an influx of
culinary experimentation and vintage shops
in the past decade, mainly due to young designers and chefs making the area a prime destination.

Cheque out Gamper for vegetable-forward nutrient and delicious meats or Schwarzes Schaf – Bistrolino & Bar for hearty pub food. Nifty international options abound for adventurous eaters as well.

To get in a fiddling walking, bank check out
Kasernenareal, the town’s foursquare. Here, yous’ll catch annual circuses, concerts and alive music performances for crowds to enjoy at any given time of the year.

As this area is known for its
political party scene, in that location aren’t as many kid-friendly activities as other areas on this list. And, if you lot’re looking for peace and quiet, Langstrasse may non exist your best bet.

Because Langstrasse has become a tourist hotspot in contempo years, adaptation (and transportation to get here) tin cost a pretty penny. Luckily, at that place are
several upkeep hotels and hostels
effectually and you’ll often see tourists of all ages.


  • ($$) 25hours Hotel Langstrasse
  • ($)
    Gasthaus zum Guten Glück
  • ($)
    Hotel Kernhof

4. Riesbach – Seefeld, beautiful views and historical sights

Best areas to stay in Zurich: Riesbach - Seefeld

Leafy, livable and lively, Riesbach, or District eight, is a
scenic residential expanse close to Lake Zurich.
Here, you’ll find families with kids of all ages, young professionals and expats exploring Riesbach’s sunny streets.

All-time known for its
outdoor activities, Riesbach can be spent exploring for merely a couple hours or even a full day, with no shortage of fun things to see and do. Where fishermen used to spend days on stop shucking seafood is at present a bustling urban center scene.

Offset off a day in Riesbach past visiting its best-known site,
the Seefeld lakeshore parks.
As yous stroll forth the water and have in the incredible dining options, you’ll also come upon
Zurich’due south Chinese Garden, a stunning dark-green space with an open pond, pavilions and ornamental design.

The Zurichorn park,
casino and outdoor cinema
will be your next stop, where you can take in more lake-front views and even endeavor your hand at a card game.

To have in a little bit of culture, make sure to finish past
Pavillon Le Corbusier,
art museum
housing modern works, compages and sculptures.

The Mühlebach quarter,
a bit farther south, is similarly worth exploring. Here, you’ll discover
Heimatschutzzentrum, an incorporated Swiss heritage center in the cute
Villa Patumbah.

Riesbach as well has
great dining options that appeal to all.

As Riesbach is primarily a residential area, you may exist able to notice more
and other shared home adaptation here versus in Zurich’s City Centre.

Yet, there are
some great hotels and hostels
at every price point, making Riesbach an optimal area on this list.


  • ($$$)
    La Réserve Eden au Lac Zurich
  • ($$)
    Sorell Hotel Seefeld
  • ($)
    Boutique Hotel NI-MO

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5. Zurich Due west, where to stay in Zurich on a budget

Where to stay in Zurich: West Zurich

Historically an industrial quarter used for ship-building and engineering science, Zurich Due west is now (possibly surprisingly)
one of Europe’s trendiest neighborhoods
and an amazing place to stay in Zurich.

Architecture aficionados will love the
steel high-rises and looming railway arches
while fashionphiles will enjoy popping into
upscale boutiques
and finding curated international pieces.

Zurich West is Zurich’southward certified
cultural commune
and in between old warehouses y’all’ll find a vibrant art and culinary scene. Speaking of art, have a visual tour of some of Zuirch’s best work at the reformed
Löwenbräu Complex.

Kunsthalle Zurich
is ane of Switzerland’south most renown art museums and hosts a rotation of exhibitions and performances all twelvemonth-round.

You’ll also find several art galleries, including
Galerie Francesca Pia and Bob van Orsouw,
also as a quaint bookstore on the ground floor.

When you’re ready to get some eats in,
check out Frau Gerold’s Garden. Established in 2012 and within
shut proximity to Prime Tower

(one of Zuirch’due south tallest sky-scrapers), this hip spot is a must-visit all year-round when the weather is nice.

Peruse through the distinct stalls and food trucks and yous may even find a vintage gem or two.

For more than shopping (albeit a bit on the pricier side!), cease over at
Viadukt, the strip of upscale boutiques
under the railway arches.

As night approaches, the identify to be is Zurich W, and locals would concur. This area boasts
bars and clubs
to rival other major European cities, and so exist prepared to dance the night abroad.

Zurich W is domicile to a lot of young adults and new residents. The area is very upwards-and-coming and is expected to grow fifty-fifty more than in the coming years.

So, finding accommodation for a
lower upkeep
shouldn’t be difficult, but still wait college-than-normal prices, especially depending on the season you lot visit.

Considering there isn’t equally much dedicated green infinite as some of the other options on this list, Zurich West may non be every bit entertaining for kids.


  • ($$$)
    Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel
  • ($$) 25hours Hotel Zürich Due west
  • ($)
    Viktoria Budget Hostel

half-dozen. Wiedikon – Sihlfeld, hiking, biking and dining

Best places to stay in Zurich

Just like Riesbach, Wiedikon, or District 3, is a
residential area on the quieter side
. But, like Zurich West, at that place is no shortage of fun, entertainment and culture to take in if you’re planning a stay here.

Wiedikon besides incorporates the neighborhood of Sihlfeld, which is a precious stone to be explored in its own correct. The Sihl river is a principal feature here and flows directly through
Sihlfeld Quarter.

Here you’ll see
many families with kids
strolling forth the river walkways, bikers enjoying the sunshine and passerbys sitting on benches to take in the view.

many hotels and apartments

up for availability, you should take no trouble finding a great place to stay here.

If you lot like to shop, Wiedikon is your place. Congenital on the ground of a old paper mill is
Sihlcity, an integrated
shopping mall
with 75 shops, xiv restaurants, a cultural and fitness center and even a nightclub.

If you go farther north, Sihlfeld has more
urban boutiques and vintage shops
to explore. But, Wiedikon is primarily known for its outdoor and indoor activities that volition go your eye rate upwardly.

Wiedekon is located at the base of the
Uetliberg mountain, at 2,850 in a higher place body of water level, where tourists tin have in incredible views of the city and Lake Zurich.

You can embark on
well-marked hiking trails
and take
mount biking routes, only the real expedition hither is on
the popular Planet Trail. This two-hour, 6k hike from Uetliberg to Felsenegg is an easy walk on an elevated trail, suitable for those of all ages.

You tin can attempt your hand at skating, a quintessential Swiss sport, at the
Sportzentrum Heuried ice arena, or swim when the atmospheric condition’s squeamish at
Freibad Heuried.

There is a Four Points hotel located in Sihlcity and other hotels and hostels scattered within close proximity. As Wiedikon has
great dining and nightlife options
, you may discover young adults, groups of friends and couples staying close by.

Apartment living is very popular in Wiedikon, so you may run across a lot of shared or solo apartments up for short-term stays as yous search.

Accommodation does tend to be a bit cheaper
here as it is farther from Zurich City Eye.


  • ($$$)
    Boutique Hotel Helmhaus Zürich
  • ($$)
    Zurich Furnished Apartments
  • ($)
    Hotel Neufeld

seven. Zurich Airport, a smashing identify to stay in Zurich when y’all’re short on time

Zurich Airport

If you’re only staying in Zurich for a short fourth dimension or are on
a long layover

and even so desire to get in some sights, staying nigh Zurich Aerodrome is a peachy choice.

This area has tons of hotels catered specifically towards weary travelers and many offering bus and shuttle services direct from the airport.

If you have enough time to see the city (and y’all should budget for almost 5 hours) the Zurich
Airport railway station
has 350 track connections. You tin even leave your luggage in the Service Heart to render to subsequently if you haven’t checked it through.

The Bahnofstrasse, a mile-long street with some of the world’due south most-expensive shops is a great option for finding gifts to take back home. Or, if the price tags are just too expensive, window shopping is too a fun pastime.

If you have time, you tin take a ferry ride on
Lake Zurich
and encounter Zurich’due south quaint neighborhoods or
a cablevision-car ride upwardly to the Felsenegg lookout.

You lot tin besides take in some culture at the
Swiss National Museum, just across the street from the Hauptbahnhof railway station.

But, if you’re simply looking to sit and relax, grabbing a coffee is whatever i of Aldstat’s cozy cafes is a great way to sit back and watch Zurich’s decorated residents go by.

Many hotels about Zurich Drome offer
spa, fitness and career service
s, so if y’all don’t feel like venturing out, you’ll still have things to continue y’all occupied.

Every bit Zurich Airport is the main service here, you lot’re more than likely to notice hotels than hostels, budget hotels and AirBnBs. But, there are still
great price
points for every budget and duration of stay.

No matter where you lot decide to
stay in Zurich
, you can’t go wrong with an selection on this list. Each area has a unique history and flair and you lot’re jump to detect great accommodation at every price point and for every desire. Come visit Zurich today!


  • ($$$)
    Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport Circle
  • ($)
    DORMERO Hotel Zürich Airdrome
  • ($)
    Leonardo Hotel Zurich Airport

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Where to Stay in Zurich Switzerland

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