How To Become A Coral Gardener

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  • Jul 31, 2020

Become a certified Ocean Gardener. Learn the basics of coral ID and coral biology in one day or sign up for the full three day Coral Diver Course and learn the fundamentals of coral ID for 10 types of hard coral and 5 types of soft corals.

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Coral Gardeners vision is to create a Coral Gardeners community worldwide allowing people to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 Life Below Water.

How to become a coral gardener. These are the tools that Coral Gardeners uses to defend its reefs and enthral the global ocean community. Courtesy of Moorea Coral Gardeners Association Moorea French Polynesia. By continuing to use our site you consent to our use of cookies.

Learn more about corals with us in the heart of the Coral Triangle in North Sulawesi. When the seawater temperature rises it can upset the symbiosis between the coral polyp and its algae. By continuing to use our site you consent to our use of cookies.

Just one day after the first coral planting was complete the area was covered with damselfish wrasse were feeding in the sand and pairs of butterflyfish were hovering over the reef. The Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course is a five dive course where you will learn how to recognize coral growth forms the difference between hard and soft corals and how to identify a few common coral genus. We are constantly improving our methods and collaborating with experts scientists and engineers to create a scalable model that will allow us to set up Coral Gardeners branches around the world.

Theory Fieldwork Theory Only. Take a three day course and learn to identify the most common coral genus. If we want to save the worlds coral reefs we need to think bigger.

3 years ago the Coral Gardeners Association were established by Titouan Bernicot and his teenage friends. Fijis coral gardeners who are fishermen trained by biologists collect small corals that are struggling to grow because they have little space and bring them to a raised platform that gets good sunlight nutrients food and is a good temperaturekind of like a coral greenhouse. The Prodivers coral gardener team dislodged some blocks of coral that showed few signs of life and placed them onto the shelves surrounding the restaurant.

They recall Enjoying our time in the ocean is a skill and a passion. Their goal is to restore damaged coral reefs and grow new ones on creatively designed statues. Show you care about coral reef conservation commit to take actions to reduce your impact and experience how the world is trying to bring dead coral reefs back to life.

The course is broken down into five dives where you will learn the basics of corals biology learn Indo-Pacific coral identification based on growth forms learn the difference between hard and soft corals and how to identify corals based on large polyp and small polyp size. By planting your adopted coral you will participate in the preservation of the fauna and flora of the island. Patience dedication determination and know-how.

Coral Gardeners uses cookies to provide you with a great experience. Learn more about the team and the project and why it is so important to protect reefs. Ocean Gardener One Day Experience.

Coral Gardeners uses cookies to provide you with a great experience. The risk of facing bleaching events is increasing and alarming. You will live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Coral Gardeners is an association composed of a team of young surfers and fishermen aiming to revive the lagoon of Moorea by protecting its reef. Invitation To Help The Coral Gardeners. Become a coral gardener for a day.

How To Become A Coral Gardener. Ocean Gardener Coral Diver. Coral Gardening wants you to join them building a healthy sea.

You can dive into the world of coral conservation by visiting their website or Coral Gardeners social media platforms. With our ecotour come and plant your coral and become a gardener of the ocean. The algae become toxic for the polyp which therefore expels it.

Without the algae corals lose its main source of food and its color turning skeletal white. Coral reefs are the foundation of our marine environment. Learn to identify corals with the Ocean Gardener coral diver course.

Once the coral fragments reach a certain size in the nursery they are securely outplanted on the reef so that they can grow and thrive over time. Coral restoration may include to grow asexually or sexually derived corals in land-based or ocean nurseries for later restoration to directly transplant coral colonies or fragments from intact areas often to-be construction sites to degraded reefs and to transplant corals to substrate stabilization structures after ship groundings or. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram YouTube.

The first step of the process at Coral Gardeners is to collect broken coral pieces and place them on bamboo stems.

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